"Very therapeutic... Took away my knee pain"

Jessica treated me with acupuncture for knee pain I had struggled with for years. I had tried acupuncture before and it didn't help much, but I found my treatments with Jessica very therapeutic and they took away my knee pain completely. I couldn't believe how much the treatments helped me, not only with knee pain but also with stress relief and sleep.

"Holistic skincare...my face looks & feels so radiant!"

"I have sensitive skin, and Marcy truly embraces holistic skin care. The products she uses are all natural, and have agreed with my not-so-easy skin. I have done the holistic facial as well as multiple glycolic peels. My face looks & feels so radiant! I could not be happier & I look forward to trying her other treatments!!"

"...Stop now & just go! They rock."

​If you are reading this to consider Zara as a place for acupuncture / massage, stop now & just go! They rock.

One appreciative spirit.

"I was a skeptic for years. So glad I got over that. Can't imagine anyplace else that could have helped me feel more re-centered in every single way than the Zara clinic. Not going to name my practitioner there, because then everyone will want her, and there'll be no appointments left for me!"

So Nice

"I recently had my first acupuncture treatment at Zara. Jessica did a great job of making me feel relaxed and explaining the process. Afterward I definitely felt positive results and I have never been so relaxed. I'm looking forward to my next treatment!"

Every experience gets better!

"I've had several different services here from 2 different massage therapists, a sauna treatment and multiple visits with the ND and everytime I think it can't get any better. These ladies are the best and not just good service but very capable and experienced services!"

Skull & neck stiffness & pain

"Neck pain was gone most of the day after I left. Everyone at Zara clinic was friendly and welcoming. Made me feel very comfortable Thank you.."

Infrared Sauna

"I was so happy to use the infrared sauna -- it was a delight! I used the time to relax and I especially enjoyed it when the sweat was dripping off me, and I knew detoxing was taking place! Prior to the sauna my muscles were tight and sore, and afterwards all was relaxed, including my mind! It's a great way to wind down a tough week!"

Should have done it sooner

"If you are reading this to consider Zara as a place for acupuncture / massage, stop now & just go! They rock."

Zara rules

"I am so glad I finally asked Jessica if acupuncture was right for me. The treatment was easy, no pain at all and immediately began to see results. I am looking forward to seeing results continue to improve as I complete the treatment cycle. Thank you!"

Relief through Acupuncture

"I have seen Jessica several times for acupuncture treatments. The clinic is pleasant and working with Jessica is great. She listens to me as I explain what is happening with my body and works with me to address the issues I may have."

Awesome massage

"When i got to Zara clinic my back hurt from my feet hurt. I left with a upper/lower and mid back feeling so relaxed and loose; my feet simply felt awesome. I almost considered coming back just to get a foot massage. Kate did an excellent job."