Marcy Franklin, Holistic Skincare Esthetician, Practitioner Assistant
Specializes in: Holistic Skincare, Adult Acne, Anti-Aging,
Relaxation and Stress Relief

As a teen Marcy used her fair share of harsh prescriptions from dermatologists to try to clear up her acne, but she was always left with a burning feeling on her skin and little progress. She thought there must be a better way, and became interested in using holistic and natural skincare, nutrition, and alternative medicine treatments to treat her skincare issues. As she got older, she saw many young women her age already turning to toxic injections and dramatic procedures in attempt to keep a youthful look, and again Marcy felt there must a more natural way to achieve anti-aging.

Education and Certifications:
Marcy attended the Euro Institute of Skin Care where she excelled in a program that went above and beyond the requirements set by state licensure. She received comprehensive practical training and certifications in skin analysis and diagnosis, sanitation and sterilization, European and naturopathic Facial techniques, Ayurvedic skin and body typing, manual lymphatic drainage, product recommendation, body treatments, kneipp therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and waxing and sugaring techniques. She is licensed as an Esthetician in both Oregon and Washington.

Philosophy and Specialties:
To Marcy, skincare is much more than just treating the superficial level with products. Her approach and training in holistic skincare allow her to think outside the box and get to the root of the problem. Marcy believes it is very important to cater to each client's individual skin care needs. Whether patients' goals are to clear up acne, deal with rosacea, prevent signs of aging, or simply to make your skin glow, Marcy has the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible treatments in holistic skincare.

While she specializes in anti-aging, adult acne, and teen skincare, she loves working with women and men of all walks of life. Whether patients have a specific skincare goal or are just looking to relieve stress with a relaxing treatment, Marcy provides the perfect treatment individualized to each patient's skin type and needs.

Personal Interests: When she's not giving skincare treatments, Marcy loves to spend time outdoors with her husband and exploring all the unique places Portland has to offer. While they love Portland, they also enjoy traveling to warmer climates. She enjoys keeping up with what is new in the skincare and make up industries as well.