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Education & Licenses

Dr. Francisco Sole started his professional career in architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2003 from Florida Atlantic University. Then in 2016 he moved into health and wellness when he graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Sole is licensed as a Chiropractor in Washington, and also holds a certification in Foundation Training which helps analyze and correct dysfunctional movement of the body. Being trilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, while also being trained in many different chiropractic techniques, allows Dr. Sole to provide treatment to a large variety of people in the best possible ways.

Why he is here

Dr. Sole has a strong interest in understanding the physics that govern our lives. He’s passionate about helping patients with his knowledge of how the biophysical integrity of the human frame is directly related with the nervous system which in turn makes us feel, move, function, think, and experience the world. He loves that chiropractic enhances the life experience and heals the body from the inside out.

What else

When Dr. Sole isn’t in the clinic helping patients, he loves to explore the outdoors with his wife and kids. They especially enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, and traveling.

From Jessica...

“It’s obvious to us that Dr. Sole has the heart of a health practitioner who truly does all he can to give the best possible treatment to patients. His passion for wellness and helping people really shows through, and we love that our patients can receive chiropractic treatment from Dr. Sole.” Jessica Tatieze, Zara Clinic Founder