Our team

Jessica Tatieze

Jessica Tatieze's interest in achieving optimal health and well-being began in her teen years. As a competitive athlete participating in volleyball, basketball and track, she had a strong awareness of the importance of staying well and the connection between mind and body. ...more

Marcy Franklin

As a teen Marcy used her fair share of harsh prescriptions from dermatologists to try to clear up her acne, but she was always left with a burning feeling on her skin and little progress. She thought there must be a better way, and became interested in using holistic and natural skincare, nutrition, and alternative medicine treatments to treat her skincare issues. ...more

Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle is passionate about providing high quality healthcare to the community. She is a family and primary care physician who has a passion for natural whole family care. ...more

Arwyn Borzone

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Elizabeth Dearmin

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Tami Farr

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