Covid19 Info

This page is dedicated to giving patients an overview of what you need to know when visiting us during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please contact us with any questions or for any further information.

Read below for all the details! But if you need the short version of what you’ll need here it is:

  • Do all your paperwork online. You will have links to the paperwork you need to do in the emails you received.
  • Complete the mandatory COVID Questionnaire online within 48 hours of your appointment.
  • Please arrive right at your appointment time and wear your mask in or ask us to borrow one.
  • Upon arrival, please use hand sanitizer and we will check you in by getting your temperature and oxygen level.
  • You will be escorted straight to your treatment room and you should leave your mask on the entire treatment and time in the clinic.
  • For massage and facial patients, after your treatment, please wait in the room with the door cracked to be escorted out in order to ensure sanitation and social distancing procedures.
  • For massage and facial patients, payment and rescheduling will be done through email and phone by admin staff off-site.
  • For acupuncture patients, please follow your acupuncturist’s instructions.
We have always used universal precautions and kept a high standard of cleanliness in our treatment rooms and common areas to prevent spread of viruses and common colds. However, with a pandemic, that changes our level of precautions. We are going to great measures to ensure everyone's safety during these unprecedented times, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation in implementing these new ways of operating at Zara Clinic until the pandemic is over. Our staff is taking their own individual responsibilities seriously to limit their personal exposure, staying home if they've had any symptoms or exposure to illness, and being screened upon arrival each day.

What to expect to receive from us before and after your appointment:

  • Appointment Confirmation Email at the time of scheduling
  • 2 days before your appointment- Email reminder with link to fill out your COVID form
  • Reminders by email/text/phone as needed for missing forms/information
  • Contacts and information about how to put your payment card on file

What to expect after your appointment:

  • Email to let you know your card on file will be charged the next day
  • Email/Text after your appointment to reschedule

What to expect when visiting the clinic:

  • If you have symptoms of illness or a fever it is still absolutely necessary you stay home, and therefore you should not come in for appointments at the clinic. We are happy to help you through any symptoms using virtual video telehealth visits in this case. Most insurance companies are covering those telehealth visits with an acupuncturist.
  • For those patients feeling well, please remember that even with every precaution taken, being anywhere outside your home still poses a risk for exposure to COVID-19. Especially if you are in a high risk category, you should weigh your options carefully when choosing to leave your home. Again, we are still happy to help via telehealth if you are choosing to stay in.
  • Please limit the number of items you bring into the clinic, and besides a parent/guardian, no additional people will be allowed into the clinic or treatment room during your visit.
  • When entering Zara Clinic, please use the hand sanitizer at the front desk and you are welcome to wash your hands at our bathroom sink as well.
  • Everyone inside Zara Clinic will need to wear a mask. You are welcome to wear your own in to keep on or you may borrow one of ours during your time in the clinic. We will be using and providing reusable fabric masks that will be washed between each use in order to leave other types of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for hospital workers on the frontlines.
  • Since we still have as many admin staff as possible working from home there may not be a friendly face up front to greet you, but please know we really are happy to have you in! And we appreciate you following any instructions left on the sign at the front desk for you.
  • You will often be taken straight to your treatment room when you arrive in order to limit your contact with other staff and patients. Of course our bathroom is still available for use so just let us know when you arrive if you need to use the restroom.
  • Before your treatment, your temperature will be taken by staff via a no touch forehead thermometer and you will be given an oxygen measurement via a finger pulse oximeter. We will verify you have filled out our COVID-19 symptoms specific form to be sure you haven’t had any recent symptoms or exposure.
  • Appointments will be spread out so that patients will not come in contact with other patients directly and to allow the rooms to be open for at least 30-60 minutes to avoid transfer of virus through the air inside the treatment room. Each treatment room has also been equipped with an air purifier to help in this process.
  • All surfaces a patient comes in contact with will be sanitized before the next patient enters those areas. Because of that, it's necessary for massage and facial patients to wait inside their treatment room with the door cracked open once they are ready to exit. The receptionist will come get you from your room once there are no patients in common areas and all surfaces have been sanitized. This wait will not be more than 5 minutes, and we appreciate your patience.
  • Payment for appointments and scheduling of appointments will be done through phone/email by the admin staff. This is simply to cut out face to face time needed within the clinic and to limit our employees' exposure through the handling of cash and cards.
  • In order to keep face to face contact limited in the treatment room you will be asked to complete a short survey before coming into the clinic. There will be a link sent out to you to complete that COVID questionnaire of symptoms, and we appreciate your help in doing that.
  • Our practitioners will also be wearing masks throughout the entire treatment and will limit speaking to only what's necessary. Don't be afraid to ask questions or request something during your treatment, but please realize if they aren't as talkative as usual, it's only for safety.
This seems like a lot, and it is! But please know we are doing all we can to keep you safe and that we are so very happy to be able to treat you in person again, even though it's a little different right now! Don't stress about remembering all of this because we have signs up to guide you every step of the way!